How can I put a popup in a fixed to top non scrolling wide box?

I want to have a mouse over popup in the fixed non scrolling wide box at the top a scrolling page. Problem is that it seems that I can’t include it in the non scrolling group as it seems to refuse to be placed within the group and can only be placed above it. But this means that it scrolls off screen above the fixed box as soon as the page is scrolled beneath the fixed box.

Is there any way I can get a popup to stay put as if it were included in the non scrolling group?

Sorry not quite picturing this, can you share a screenshot including maybe layers?

OK. Do my best tomorrow. According to Apple my new Mac Studio also arrives tomorrow so you might have some competition for my attention! :wink:

Well if you want it to behave as a normal you use the “Normal” setting for the popup. Fixed on screen is, well, fixed on the screen (browser), not the canvas. Then you place the “Normal” popup where you want it to be :slight_smile:

And popups are different than the normal layers so you cant group it with the other layers ones

Fixed position on canvas is what I am after. Let me try and send more detail tomorrow.

Here are the details of my problem.

My site concerns playing games with perspective and geometry. In keeping with this spirit much of the navigation is done via a navigation cube. This occurs in many forms throughout the site.

Basically an image of a cube with navigation instructions or arrows is displayed at the top of the page. It is a button with the cube image embedded in it. When moused over it triggers a PopUp containing another button with the same identical cube image embedded in it but with text or arrows darker or lighter. This pops up in exact registration with with the cube below that triggered it. To the eye it appears simply as if the text and arrows have become lighter or darker when moused over. It’s a graphic equivalent of the classic text button colour change.

It works a treat on all my fixed pages but I have run into a problem with fixed headers on scrolling pages.

I have made a simple one page site to show the problem. It contains a dark grey rectangle across the top which is fixed to top of page. The light grey page beneath can scroll. In the rectangle I have placed a navigation cube. The top image shows this.

The second image shows the same page with the cube moused over.

The third image shows how the page is constructed.

The fourth shows what happens to the PopUp when the page is scrolled slightly.

To make this work I need to place the PopUp inside the fixed to top group. But I cannot! However I try to drag it in the layers palette or cut and paste it. It refuses to be grouped and insists on staying outside the group.

So am I doing this wrong or am I trying to do something that quite simply is not permitted?

If so is there a work around?

This little fellow is intrinsic to the entire site design and I really need to find a way to get him to stick in place on scrollable pages with fixed to top headers.

My only suggestion is to use a fixed position popup, though I’m not sure it would work within the constraints. If you have a downloadable copy of the test project we can play around with that.

Yes I have it. It’s a tiny one page project. Do I send to the same mail as before?

Sure that would work, thanks.

Hopefully won’t need to now. Your remarks led me to look closer at fixed position.


Fixed in Window
Use canvas position and width.
Use canvas height
Align to top

Seems to lock it in place just as I need. I have tried this with the cube in various different positions and it seems to work perfectly regardless of browser window size or shape.

So I’ll carry on like this. If I find a gremlin hiding somewhere then I’ll send it to you.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks Duncan!

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