How can I replicate this? Possible? Auto-slide banner

Hello Again! I am in the midst of creating a new site for my personal blog which is currently using WP. The theme I use has a slider on the home page which displayed featured posts and auto slides them. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

Is there any way I can replicate this in Sparkle? I know I’ll have to manually update the content but can it slide automatically?

@jazzbird, Oooo that would be a bit of work but doable…
I would use the Image Gallery. You would lay your stacked images on the dark grey in a photo editor like Affinity Photo and then place that image (most likely a jpg) into the Image Gallery. You can then (per placed image) select “Show Label” and from there enter your post heading as per placed images.

You can have the label you added clickable as well so it can go off to your blog post.
And yes you can also click on “Automatic Slideshow” and set it to pause for so many seconds so the user can read the label before it sliding onto the next image.

Have fun! :)…


Oh you’re marvellous! Thank you so much @greenskin! You’re the BEST!!! I’m giving it a whirl now!

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