How can I switch off global colour changes

From the Sparkle Help: “Each ‍color ‍swatch ‍contains ‍a ‍color ‍value, ‍and ‍when ‍that’s ‍changed, ‍all ‍elements ‍using ‍the ‍color ‍in ‍all ‍pages ‍will ‍change.”

Really simple, just click the place where you want to change the color and change only the “Current” option instead of the Global ones.


Thanks Primo. Got it!

It’s been driving me crazy. I change one button colour and suddenly they have all changed. I understand the philosophy behind this but in my case it’s getting in the way.

Seems a pity I can’t build a non global palette as well as a global one. Would save a lot of time. Does that sound silly? :roll_eyes: