How could several people work at the same time on the same project?

With the previous software I was using, it was possible to work at the same time on the same project with a dropbox: all new pages were saved and mixed inside the dropbox. This doesn’t work with Sparkle.
This is a problem, if you have a large website needing 2 or 3 people working together on it.
Any solution or idea?
Thank you

@Angel49, that is something Sparkle can’t really do but you can give it a try and see if it works for you by placing the Sparkle mother file in a sharable folder on iCloud and use that file in amongst your people.

But knowing Sparkle isn’t really setup for that I don’t know how you will go?
If say three of you are working on the same file and you make an update then that won’t be visible in realtime with the other two. They would each have to reopen the Sparkle file from the shard folder to see your changes.

Not seeing in real time the modifications made by others would not a problem if you could see them after closing, synchronizing and reopening. But you can’t: Sparkle create conflicting copies, even if you save your project in a common dropbox or other cloud file.

Hi @Angel49 , just out of curiosity :grin:, would you mind sharing the application you were using?

Thanks in advance!

Would it be an idea to “chop” the site, and give each co-worker a part?
(this may be a stupid idea of mine - but… you never know)

I have splitted the site in several projects, with sub-directories – it’s a correct solution, with some defaults.
The software I was using before is a french one, not available anymore, called webaccapela