How do I create a ftp page in sparkle

How do I create an FTP page in Sparkle?

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@Leshooper, Not sure what you are asking? Do you want to package your site and then FTP? or are you wanting to “Publish” your website which is Sparkle’s version of FTP?

Follow this link on the ins and outs of publishing your site via Sparkle or doing it manually -

Look @duncan this is what I meant about a ‘Sparkle’ hosting service. Like, literally I haven’t handle any hosting services so far. I make the website and sent it away to someone else so they deal with that. Not every one knows how to do it.

@eatlon, And for me it is the exact opposite because we also host our clients which totally streamlines the process. There is so much more to hosting then uploading a website… SSL, vulnerability, hacking, script updates, PHP iteration updates and it not conflicting, server loading, and the list goes on.

Knowing what I know I don’t think it is that straight forward in implement what you are suggesting, although a great idea…

I have a ‘reseller hosting account’, this gives me the control over what my clients require and keep the cost low for them. With Sparkle it’s a piece of cake.

I want to have a page that allows me to upload music files
for clients to download. I have always had one but since moving to Site Ground I am having one tough time getting it solved.

@Leshooper, Ok I see…
What about you have yourself a page identifying the music that a client can download and have a button next to it saying “download”? That way you can use a Sparkle button and assign it “Download File” as per image below…

So how do I make the download button reference the file you want it to?

Can you visually demonstrate the moves?

Maybe a better question is can it work with music or video
or is it just for a file (text)?

Or even better do I have the button read “Download Dorian Blue” if
that is the name of an mp3 track on the page.

Hello @Leshooper

As far as I know you can add any type of file (text, video, music, PDF, ZIP …) and make it available as a download.

Yes, naming the button “Download name-of-the-file” seems a good idea, so people know immediately what the button is for.

You can find some instructions about this in the Sparkle documentation:

I hope this helps.

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