How do I embed a PDF into a top level page

Greetings, I’m building my first Sparkle site and need help with embeding PDF’s. How do I add PDF’s to a page. Each time Sparkle recognises the PDF as an image/jpeg and makes it tiny. I want the PDF’s to stay on the page - not download.

@TerriQ, I guess you could Embed it into a Sparkle web page?

For me I would not go down that path because on mobile the User would not have a good experience and would be pinching and zooming and most likely not bother in the end.

Thanks for responding. I’m a musician and the PDF’s are press releases and audience reviews. I’m targeting computer viewing rather than mobile. I’ve successfully done this before but with other software. Any suggestions? Thanks.

@TerriQ I would suggest this to be the quickest way…

  • Place an Embed element
  • Take the pasted code below and place it in the Embedded Content container
  • Untick Activate After Consent
  • Preview

This “iframe” looks for the pdf which you will need to upload to your hosting platform. When correctly located the pdf will load into the web page. I have linked the below “src=” code to something I have online, You will need to replace it with yours.


<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no"
 width="640" height="560"

Easy workaround is to open the PDF in Preview, then export it as a JPG.
Place on your page at a good legible size.
Enable Sparkle’s “click to zoom” feature to allow some user flexibility as they may need.


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Thanks so much for your suggestion. I’ve been playing with it and it’s just what I needed. One PDF is responding well, another doesn’t expand on click - it just comes forward at the same size. I have to manually stretch - so it works but not as streamline as the other PDF. I’m trying to see what the difference between the two are. If I figure it out I’ll let you know. But thanks again.

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