How do I embed a shared iCloud document?

I have shared an iCloud document, and I have the html for the document. But I don’t know how to embed it on my Sparkle page. Has anyone else done this successfully?

I inserted an embed object, and I put the URL in the box for iCloud content, but I don’t see anything.
I tried to be smarter than I really am, and I took the embed code that I use for a TED video that I have on another page — I swapped out the video’s URL for the iCloud URL, but I still don’t see anything when I refresh the page.

But if I put the URL directly into Safari, I can see the page, so I know that I have the correct URL.

So, no, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I feel stuck for now. Any ideas?


That helped me and I hope that will help you as well.
>> click here <<

Cheers, Michael

Thanks very much; this is what I was looking for!
Though my results aren’t quite what I was hoping for. I was able to embed a Keynote slide successfully (though smaller than I’d hoped for). But I really wanted to embed a Numbers document, and it doesn’t appear. I see that the embed code is the same except that it replaces “keynote” with “numbers” in the URL and the actual location of the document has changed. It could be that his embed code is specific to Keynote somehow. I’m going to search and see if I have access to some other blogging type app that accepts embedded content from Numbers and then see the code that it generates on the page.

Even if that works, it seems that the image will be too small. And I discovered that I can’t make different text strings within a cell in Numbers link to different URLs.