How do I group pages under another?

I want to create a photography website. I’d like to have an index page of Mammals, birds, etc. but I don’t want them all visible in the left pane. For example, I have a master page called Mammals with a list of clickable links like Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and so on. When selected, the user will go to the gallery on the “Black Bear” page and so on. However, I will have hundreds of pages for different animal, bird and plant species. Is there a way create a folder under the “Mammals” page to hold all the different mammal photo galleries? Otherwise, the left hand page column will be littered with hundreds of pages and make it difficult to work with.
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Hello and WELCOME.

What you are looking for are sections. Go to Sparkle’s documentation and then to “Managing Pages”.

In the user interface, on the left, you can then collapse a section that contains, say, 10 pages, so that only its name is visible, but not the 10 pages.

Mr. F.

Perfect, exactly what I’d like to do, Thank you!!

The left-hand page column is the weakest part of the UI. It feels odd and the expand/collapse element is odd to use. (My least favorite part of the app.)

For a 1-to-8-page site, it seems like a good solution, but more than that… you will be struggling with the UI. Keynote UI might be a good inspiration, or allow users to switch to a list view (not thumbnail).

If you’re planning to manage 100’s of pages, that’s appropriate for a template-driven platform with a CMS backend. Bloc, the app, might be a friendly way to create an original Wordpress template. Maybe Squarespace? Hard to imagine that Sparkle is the right platform.

You can in fact switch to list view (there’s a show thumbnails option under the view menu).

100s of pages that are all different layout are probably a challenge for any platform. Sparkle is still growing and we are definitely eyeing features that help with larger sites.


Aha! Cool! I will have to check that out! Any refinements in that panel would be helpful too!

Template-like pages would be helpful for bigger sites. I’ve attempted to create and manage pages with multiple breakpoints, but it can turn into a bit of a juggle.

Sparkle has the concept of showing an element in multiple pages instead of template pages. Bottom of the arrange inspector.

We think it works with a better granularity than template or master pages.

Hello Duncan.

Yes, but not for the page background pattern :shushing_face:
It would be a progress if you could set this page background for all pages or for a section. Or only for a specific page only.

Sparkle 4?

Mr. F.

With Blogs, I was struggling to keep each page consistent. I had to babysit each new Post to make sure that the title and other elements would be in the same place. Consistently.

To try and manage that, I would paste elements from another Post into the new one, but then I would have to make sure to update the dynamic tags (post title, meta) for the new Post. With each breakpoint, I had to keep fixing things. So, for each new Post… I could not rely on a template… and never make global adjustments/tweaks.

Having a template for Posts might be helpful to evolve the Blog. Or… a concept of Symbols could help get it there, without rethinking Pages. The Symbol would need to be Blog-aware.

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Elements shown on multiple pages effectively are symbols, but with some specific restrictions and a different name.

What blog aware thing is missing?

Likely I’m missing something. Will go back in and noodle around.

I’m not sure the sections will work with the number of pages that I am planning on needing. Can the name of the sections be changed instead of just “Section 1”, “Section 2” , etc?
What I want is to set up a large number of galleries. For example, Index pages for “Birds of North America” that lists alphabetically the species. The user then clicks on the bird species they are interested in, and you go to gallery of images. I could have a section for Birds, Mammals, Insects, Plants, etc. but it would be nice if I could name the section. Collapsing the section will reduce clutter, and the top page in the section would be the index page. But each section will have hundreds of galleries. Is Sparkle capable of that do you think?

@Scwashere, If you double click on a section title you are able to edit it and call what you want.

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OK, just focused on the blog.

If I have elements with Smart Fields set to Visibility across multiple pages, the fields don’t adjust based on the blog post they are being shown on. They’re a bit more hard-coded to a specific post. That’s what I meant by “blog aware.”

I know the blog is early/rough. :slight_smile: