How do I insert special characters like the copyright symbol or trademark symbol?

How do I add any of the following symbols:

  • copyright symbol
  • registered trademark symbol

Or any other typical symbols for that matter.


The usual macOS menu: edit -> Emoji & Symbols.

Ok thank you for the quick response. I’m using to HMTL code for these type of symbols, so I guess I was overthink it. :grinning:

© = alt c
® = alt r

A good app for that is PopChar. All symbol in a corner of Finder.

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alt c doesn’t seem to work with all keyboard layouts, only with some European keyboard layouts.

The US keyboard layout uses alt g for the © symbol. Just checked with a friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

PopChar is a nice app that I used for many years. :+1:
In the meantime I switched to the built-in macOS “Emoji & Symbols”.


Another good app is Ultra Character Map.
Also it’s pretty cool especially if you use something like Sketch because you can export any font character as an SVG into Sketch, mess about with it if you need to and drag and drop from Sketch into Sparkle as an svg etc

So lots of options in this thread to keep you going :slight_smile:



Why would you use an svg image?
Is it scalable or something like that?

Hi, I wouldn’t use an SVG for basic symbols such as copyright and the like, but would use SVG when looking for more esoteric character symbols when perusing font files for different shapes. Some font files have all sorts of shapes and lines, that you might find useful when designing etc.

Yes, SVG are scaleable vector graphics that are not pixel based but are created with Bézier curves , so they scale to any size, also they are small in file size, and load very quickly in the browser etc.



Thanks Scott @rimram