How do I make a header menu disappear when scrolling down the page?

Is it possible to make a grouped header menu disappear when scrolling down the page, like at website?

Thanks for that reply but that demo isn’t what I’m looking for, exactly. I want a single grouped menu that disappears when scrolling down (toward bottom of page), but reappears when scrolling upward (toward top of page). In the demo, one header disappears upward out of view after scrolling begins while simultaneously another header appears at the top and stays in place while scrolling down.

Please see this link for an example:

There is a very simple demonstration of this. Download the sample file and play with it. It helped me a lot to understand how animation while scrolling works even better. Once you understood, you can do really creative things with it.

P.S sorry I just had some mobile browser issue on my phone so I had to delete the one I just posted as a reply.


Select the menu and a transparent box and make it a group so you can make it work out. Or I haven’t tried yet but right click the menu and make it layout block if you have v4 license. I’m not sure but it’s worth to try since they both have similar purposes.