How do i place box in side area?

Hello everybody

I want place in side area. İs it possible ?

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It’s possible with popups, by selecting “fixed in window”. I don’t know what your use case is, but be aware that, as its name suggests, it remains stuck in the browser window.

@duncan, it would be great to have this same functionality with a “normal” popup! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hi @arifhakann,

Sparkle generates a fixed width layout, as discussed for example here:

Some elements are fully fluid, for example wide boxes, galleries, videos, maps and embed elements all can be made full width and cover the sides.

You can fill the side areas by adding device layouts for wider devices. The generated website will then adapt to the browser window and the side areas (for elements that aren’t full width) will be minimized.

While this isn’t exactly what you want, for now it’s the best compromise we could come up with to get you extremely simple and predictable page layout.

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It seems you are looking to build an LMS (Learning Management System) style platform and you want static content areas. That would be an excellent feature. To be able to create sidecars (independent div elements) that don’t scroll with the page. There would be a parallax or freeze pane function on the div element while the center pane continues to scroll. That would be a great addition for users. @duncan

That’s already possible with stick to top or popups.

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