How do I remove sections and keep pages?

I wonder if I can change the page configuration and eliminate the sections while keeping just pages. I think I did this in the beginning by mistake but am afraid I will delete the actual pages. I don’t understand the need for sections.

Just drag the pages out of the section. After that, delete the section.
Make sure you don’t have ‘items visible on all pages in this section’.

The web design is done and I hope there is no risk of losing stuff. Am I worried about nothing?

No worries. When you dragged the page out of the section, just check the page and make sure all items are still in it. If not, use CMD-Z to undo.

I wasnt able to drag the page off. Is it a simple matter of clicking the page and drag it away from the canvas or am I missing something?

@Leshooper, So you’ll have the section tab open showing all your pages (thumbnails on the left of the Sparkle canvas) you have sitting in it. Click on the page thumbnail and drag to the left and up out of the section tab and release. You might not get it straight away but that is how you do it…