How to add cc to a form

Dear Community,

I have a form on my website that my prospective customers can use to register for a course. The registration goes directly to my email address.
Question: In addition to my email address I would like the registration to be sent to another email as a carbon copy. Is that possible? If so, how?
Reason: I have an affiliate partner and have no other idea how to get him automatically informed about having sold my course.

Thanks and greetings from silent Munich, c.

Hi Carola.

I don’t know if it works with cc, but try to enter a second recipient email. Separated with comma or a semicolon.

This may also depend on your web hoster.

Mr. F.

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As Mr Fozzie says, you can add a second email to the recipient address, just separate with a comma. This has worked for me.


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Thanks for that tips, but it neither works with comma nor with semicolon. Any other idea?

OK. Now we have to dig a little deeper.
What is the method of the form? “E-Mail via Webserver” oder “Eigener SMTP-Server verwenden”?
Does an error message appear, and if so, which one?

Mr. F.

OK, here you go: It is “E-Mail via Webserver” and no error message appears at all. The email seems to go out because the success.php site appears. But no email in my inbox…

With only one e-mail address as recipient the form works?
As soon as you enter two, neither of the addresses receives mail? Or only one? And if so, which of the two?
Have you checked the SPAM folder?

Mr. F.

Yes, with only one e_mail address as recipient the form works faultless.
Yes, as soon as I enter tow, neither of the addresses receives mail.
Yes, SPAM has been checked. Empty.

Very strange.
I just tested it once with my own form and two recipient addresses. Works. Both recipients received a mail.
Mail1 comma blank Mail2

Maybe your web hoster does not allow this.
I also use the standard method without own smtp server.

Could you post a screenshot of your settings in the form? Select the Send button and then post the right column with the settings. Please black out sensitive data!

Mr. F.

Thanks for checking Mr_Fozzi

OK. So you are using your own SMTP server after all.
Try to change it to the first option “Email via webserver”.

Test this with only one mail address. If that works, add the second one, separated by comma and space.

I don’t use the SMTP variant with login and password.

Mr. F.

Yes Yes Yes - You are my hero!!! Thank you so much, everything is working properly now with 2 emails :star_struck: You made my day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Happy that i could help.

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