How to add Statcounter Code to a Sparkle site?

I initially placed the Statcounter code in an Embed html box at the bottom of the page, set it to Follow Footer and Show on All Pages.

It was working on my remote testing server, however after migrating the site to it’s live server, Statcounter says there is a code installation problem.

The element was initially set to Never send page address, but I have changed it to Send full page address.

Live server is with Siteground.

Hi @Chris, welcome!

I’m not sure what the Statcounter code looks like, or what the code installation problem might be. Happy to help but maybe it’s easier if you send relevant screenshots, browser console logs, the code snippet, a screenshot of the error message in case it shows anything more.

Privately to if you prefer.


@Chris, I have it working nicely on a few of my client sites and like you have placed it in an embedded element towards the bottom of the page. The only thing I can think of that could be an issue is that your SSL Certificate isn’t configured correctly. Statcounter uses “https” so you need to have a SSL Certificate installed against your domain name.

My first reaction here is that “counters” to show site visitors’ numbers are… old hat…and really aren’t used anymore, unless you want your site to look like a relic from the 90s and the bad old days of Geo-Cities.
If you have a client who needs that data, it’s readily available from the site’s control panel stats page. I make a PDF and email it to them.
Just my two cents.

@macmancape, Nope not doing that at all because you are right it is very tacky! Statcounter works like Google Analytics, collecting user data behind the scenes to allow for site improvements based on the collected statistics.

Using Statcounter to provide a basic overview of traffic data, which it does very well. Can’t see why anyone would show a counter button post 1999.


It looks like that might be the case. Hosting was set up by someone else so will be investigating that.