How to create a sticky image in a menu bar which is only visible on certain pages

I have a sticky menu visible on all pages and sections. I would like to place a graphic within the menu bar which like the menu does not move when scrolling the page. However, the horizontal position of it is different for the homepage and each of the sections, as it highlights which section of the website the user is in:

In the picture below, the dark grey line/graphic under the “Home” menu item but if I group it with the menu and make it sticky, it remains there for all the other sections also.
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 16.06.42

In the next picture, a different section is open and I have moved the image to demonstrate which section we are in:

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 16.07.04

But, as I scroll down the page, it moves:

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 16.07.36

Again, if I try and group it with the menu and make it sticky, it stays as an underscore on the menu item, but appears on all pages in all sections!

I know that I can add a border to the menu items, but then a line appears under all of the menu items simultaneously.

I hope what I am asking is clear… Please help - this is such an attractive and practical feature (IMHO!). Please note that my site has a homepage, and then 6 sections, most of which have a few pages within them.

I’m sorry that I seem to be so full of questions, and I promise I have read the documentation! I’m finding Sparkle excellent so far, and really enjoying creating my website - I last did this 15 years ago in Rapidweaver (v5!), but decided that the latest versions were too complex, and too reliant upon plug ins from others…

There’s no way to make something visibile in al pages but also in a different position. Conversely it’s not possible to highlight the currently active menu option in the menu bar.

The only workaround is to set it up manually.

Hi Duncan

Thanks for your reply. I have tried setting it up manually, but can’t seem to make it work - I’ve tried adding a transparent wide box, with the coloured line positioned correctly, grouping them, and setting them to show in that section only, and making them sticky. Even when set as stacked with the other sticky menu items and boxes, they don’t play nice together :frowning:
I also tried adding a transparent button with a border, but again when grouped and made sticky, when if set just to show in that section, it appears on all pages - probably because I have to make it part of the group that shows on all pages (I have a header + logo + white wide box at the top of the page as stickies on every page)

I would value your advice as to how to set it up manually.

What I mean is you need to have a separate instance of the whole header in each page.

I am not sure I understand how to enact a separate header on each page, as the menu is visible on every page, and would really value some advice
I have tried creating 2 separate groups and making them sticky, but because they have to overlay each other, even when they are set to stack, they still don’t sit together properly.

You uncheck the visibility on each page. Then copy/paste the header on each page.