How to create path for publishing?

I have a domain and an ftp account through Bluehost, and I am trying to publish my Sparkle site. I have to manually create the folders for the bluehost path which my site will be published to and I have plugged in the path correctly but Sparkle keeps on telling me, “the selected folder is not published to”. I don’t know what I could do differently because the path which Sparkle says it will publish to, the one I put in, is the same path I see on my Bluehost account.

Here’s a picture of the page that I’m stuck at:

Please help me out! Thanks

And here is a picture of my Bluehost domain information:

By the looks of it, the folder you have picked (the leaf “julien” folder), is not published at, rather it’s at

The additional issue there is the wordpress setup on the top level of the domain is taking over and redirecting, you might have to turn that off.

Thanks for this advice. I got rid of the “julien” folder in the path and I disabled the wordpress site under my domain, Is that what you meant by turning off the wordpress setup? I am still getting the same message on sparkle denying me from publishing…

The message might be the same, but the context is probably different. Would you share a screenshot again?

I am basing this path off of what I see on this bluehost page…

here is the screenshot of what I see now trying to publish

Is it logging the FTP user into /home4/julienpe/public_ftp? That’s incorrect. It needs to be /home4/julienpe/

I have been trying that but being denied… I’ve been trying to use the FTP account which I created as the path: the first one listed in the last screenshot of my bluehost page.

Sparkle remembers my path each time I attempt to plug it in anew, which may be a helpful detail. And sometimes if I add one more folder, for “julien” for instance Sparkle crashes. Is there another path worth trying? Or a way to refresh Sparkle’s memory of my path? If either of those things could help…

Let’s take this offline, can you get in touch?

I’m having the same issue attempting to publish and receiving similar error messages.

It is most likely a different problem, these have nothing in common usually. Please send details, screenshots, etc to and we’ll take a look.