How to disable visitor analytics by page

I have internal-use pages in a site for various purposes that I’d like to remove from tracking (in my case, by Google Analytics), but the project setting doesn’t allow me to selectively disable the built-in inserted Visitor Analytics code for those pages. Any alternatives in Sparkle? I haven’t yet figured out how to accomplish this in Analytics - I’m simply not uh… accomplished enough.

If not, consider this question a “like” to have, perhaps a “suppress analytics” page setting or similar.

Ah interesting, never thought about that. It’s not currently possible in Sparkle, but makes sense to have.

It would be useful for any site in a domain that requires Sparkle and other non-Sparkle content, where indexing and/or analytics might vary (in my use case, big genealogy data). I can handle separate sitemap.xml files with Sparkle (with the proposed option) handling its own and me handling the rest. robots.txt gets a bit stickier, I think, but I don’t yet understand all the complexities of discouraging indexing. robots.txt is also where the domain’s sitemaps are usually identified, but Sparkle only knows about its own.

Seems ironic that I’m worried about NOT indexing or analyzing stuff when I can barely manage to get Google to index or analyze anything adequately anyway!