How to fit menu buttons with more than 5 pages

Ive watched the tutorial on creating a page menu and it shows one line of pages as menu buttons. I have a 6 page site with long page titles and if I increase the font size to readable, pages 5 and 6 menu buttons can not fit. How do you create a menu with more than one line of buttons? I would think after about 7-8 pages the font on a single line menu would be so small as to be unreadable.

I just looked at my original site to see what it did when I imported it and it turned all but the Home Page menu button into regular buttons linked to the site pages. But the appearance stayed the same. Might be a workaround there.

Hi @jimjumper,

Sparkle’s menu doesn’t automatically go to multiple lines. If you want that you need to add another menu below the first one, and use the visibility options to show/hide menu items from each menu. You will probably also want to turn off the “auto add” option in both menus.

Thank You! The idea of just adding a second menu never crossed my mind!