How to include Streaming?

Greetings! I am afraid i havent had much time to investigate the “hows”, but i was wondering- what would be a good approach to including streamed audio/video to a page in Sparkle? I have a future project that might require it. Thanks for any suggestions/help! (i am new at this)

If you’re setting up a Youtube Live Broadcast, whenever you create a new one via the Studio, it will have a link and a embed code. You can grab that embed code and use it with Sparkles “Embed” widget.

Whenever the broadcast starts, it will start on the website as well.

is there a way to do it from OBS? (sorry for my ignorance, not dealt with it before)

The streaming? Yea you’ll need a streaming software to grab the footage from where you want and send it to the ingest server (which will be Youtube), so OBS is a great choice.

But Sparkle/embed code only operates at the end point here