How to insert Google review link in footer

Hey everyone,

How can I link my google business in the footer for customers to read or write a review on my website?


Here’s what I found…I do the website for this restaurant. I googled the name of the restaurant, then scrolled down to the reviews area. In there, I found a blue button GET MORE REVIEWS that provides the link you need to add to your website. See attached screenshots.


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Hello Dave,
Thanks so much. I’ll play with this tomorrow.

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I just put an logo image with an active link on my website.

Mainly unhappy customers write reviews. I hardly get reviews, but had one unhappy customer using Trustpilot review platform. This highly effected my average score as happy customers generally don’t write reviews. So the best advise in my opinion, if you like to get reviews, is if possible for your kind of business, to send customers an email asking if they can write a review. But also mention, if they are not completely satisfied, to contact you first for help.

Hi Sven,

I think your right, It would be to easy for anyone to write something negative.
Even if they never purchase from me. I will follow your advise. Most of the time,
they thank me with an e-mail that they received the goods and all is fine. At that time I will ask them
if they could write me a google review.

Many thanks.

If they get a physical product, then it’s easy to add a printed note to ask them to leave a review if they are happy and to contact you if they have questions. It still surprises me when customers on eBay leave feedback that something wasn’t as they expected, but never contacted me about it. Never asked to return, or have their questions answered. So weird.

Yep totally agreeing with you both here!
We need to take back a bit more control over how we have customers interact with us!