How to let disappear a push button?

Hey All,

this is my first input here and I’ll begin with a question.
Is there any way to let disappear a push button after the website user clicked on it? And please … sorry for my swabian English.

Best Greetings

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@Horst, Welcome onboard! If I understand your question not really, but why are you wanting the clicked on button to disappear?

I am also Swabian :slight_smile: from Aalen

@MiWe … hello, best greetings from Plochingen …

@greenskin … I have the idea to realize a little game on my electrostatic website. A game like the children’s game “Memory”.

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@Horst, ok but I think that would be a real challenge. The only thing I can think of is labelling the button (an advance feature in Sparkle) and then introducing CSS for that button in an “Embedded” element… a:visit {display:none;} but I haven’t tried it to see if that would work…

Thanks for your help.
May be my idea will work in a little bit different way with the solution that is shown in the tutorial “How to create a mouse hover child reveal effect”. It’s nearly similar. I’ll try it and will show it when it works … hope it will work.

Now I have realized my idea in a little bit similar version than it was planned. I put buttons, make them invisible when mouseover and then let open the address that ist shown by mouseover. The shown addresses are from the under-layer build with the help of Integrity Pro, converted to CSV, loaded in Mindnote, sorted and colored it, made a PNG with invisible background, imported into Sparkle … ready. Very simple.
This way that I described just before was not really easily to go and it is a little bit confusing … I noticed it for myself so… Now I realized my idea for an overview page with the given possibilities that Sparkle has included. It works only with simple buttons. You can see it on my private page under: It works really good and it is easy to keep it always actually.
Best greetings

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