How to link from the BLOG-index page to the single posts?

I’m using Sparkle and WP for several years. And I’m really glad to see the new blog feature in Sparkle 3. My problem is the following: I created a BLOG-Indexpage and two Blog-Postpages. The two pages appear on the index in ONE single frame which cannot be ungrouped (see screenshot)

. How can I link from the index page to my single posts separately as I can do in WP ( with the blog designer plugin?
I prefer Sparkle because of the freedom of design. So I’d like replace my WP-Site with Sparkle.
Each kind of support is appreciated.
All the best

@schlappoff, You are on the right track…

To get what you are after you have to remember the screenshot you show here is your Blog Index page which in your case you what to display summary blurbs to your Blog Post pages
The screenshot attached shows are have reduced the hight of the auto placed text box which is where you will place your blog post summary and this will automatically appear on your Blog Index page.

The Blog Post page can be further customised by adding more elements (a text box in my example), but the trick is you have to (with the text box (or other elements) selected) untick “Show on blog index” which you will find under your right-hand panel “Arrange” tab.

Give that a try and see how you go…

Hi green skin,
thanks a lot for the helpful tip. It almost works. A little bit of fine tuning and it will!

By the way… Do you know if I can modify a popup into my cookie & privacy banner like it is often seen on Wordpress-Sites?

Thanks a lot in advance

all the best


Hi @schlappoff, can you show a screenshot of what you are thinking about?

Like Duncan mentions, but in a way your cookie / privacy banner is a popup already just in the footer area of your website. But please do supply a screenshot or two…

Hi duncan, hi greenskin,
I will attach a screenshot how I’d like to realise my idea.
I’d like to copy the „okay“-button from the cookie banner into my popup including its click action (google analytics allowance, etc.); that doesn’t work. I also cannot change the click action of any button into the action which is marked for the OKAY-button. My first screenshot shows the new built popup including a new OKAY-button, the second screenshot shows the original banner with original ok-button and its action.
I hope I can make myself understandable. Any further questions? Please ask. Any support appreciated.
Thank you two a lot.
all the best

@schlappoff, I’ve played a bit to see if this is possible, but I’m not sure why you’d want to go that way?

It is a bit messy, but you can create a popup and then open your layers panel on the left-hand side and click drag the cooking / privacy into the popup. You will need to make the cookie / privacy a box by unticking its “full page width” setting and make it transparent. Also give your popup an auto show setting so it appears after a second or two.

A better way is to CSS refine the consent banner if you knew a bit of CSS and have it look like this…

But again not sure why you’d want to go that way when the banner looks and works fine as it is.

I’m afraid I don’t read german, and can’t translate it from a screenshot. But more fundamentally, I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve.

Is the problem the shape of the popup window? You want it at the center instead of the bottom of the window?

Hi duncan, hi greenskin,
thanks for answering. @greenskin: Your idea of copying by drag and drop from one popup to another worked. I attach the final result. btw: WHY do I do that? It’s only a question of optical appearance/design. As I can copy the OKAY-Button the result is, that the cookie-policy is fulfilled. Thanks for that.
@duncan: I’m sorry for not having the english version.And YES, I want to change the design, the delay and the place of appearance. That’s what I can define in a popup and not in the regular banner (or am I wrong?)
In the end it worked.
Thanks a lot.
I hope it will also work live and not only in preview.

all the best to you two


Attachement: finale result screenshot.

The problem with using a regular popup is it’s not tied to the consent machinery, so it will only have the appearance of a cookie banner, with none of the functionality.

is that so? even if I use the „original“ button with the original click-action?