How to make an link toward an anchor on another page?

May be it’s just not possible?

It is possible…

Ekran Resmi 2020-12-18 20.14.12

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Yes, it is possible within the same project, But my website is too big to make it within a single project. I create one project per sub-domain and the possibility to link toward an anchor placed in another project is a pb for me.


Use an external link to the page.
That should work.

Merry Christmas to all.

Mr. F.

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Clever! I will try.

Yes, Fozzie is correct. The important thing is the hashtag, which precedes the name of the anchor point. And ensure the name of the anchor is only in lowercase. Uppercase doesn’t work!

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And in fact you probably don’t even need the https://www.myothersite.what part of the address, either. If you just use </folder/thepage.html#nameoftheanchor> that should work too, and be marginally quicker as the visitor doesn’t have to reconnect with the site.

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