How to make password case-insensitive

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I’m creating a website which contains a password-protected page.
As experience shows, my clients (many of them are elderly people) often have problems with entering case-sensitive passwords. For this reason I define an all-capital password and in the password field of the login box I opt for “Automatic capitalization”.
According to my thinking, this mechanism should result in a case-insensitive password protection. But unfortunately it doesn’t work. What am I missing?

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Hello @sturzi :wave:t2:

The automatic capitalization option has no effect on the fields of the login form. Forcing capitalization is possible with Sparkle, but not for passwords.

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Thank you, Allan.
This explains why it’s not working.

By making an exception to the “Automatic capitalization” mechanism in the fields of the login form, SPARKLE is dictating “no case-insensitive login credentials” in a SPARKLE website, something that I find unjustified. It is a fact, that some people have problems with case-sensitivity in no-echo password fields and not all protected pages are highest-security facilities. It should be left to the website developer, whether she/he wants case-sensivity or not.

Herewith I am asking SPARKLE to reconsider this!

I understand the dilemma, but that is extremely insecure. What if those folks used the same password on their banking site? Their retirement account? Their medical account?

Again, I realize what you are up against, but must respectfully disagree as that is just asking for your website to have reduced security.


Matt, I disagree with you. The degree of security should be left the the publisher of a website.
It is a wide range from unprotected pages to high-security pages. In the website in question it is about protecting about thirty private mail-adresses from being read. The alternative would be a completely unprotected page.


I don’t know if that works. You could try an “ALL CAPS FONT” like

Mr. F.

Thank you, Mr_Fozzle. The idea is good, but unfortunately ist does not work. I have tried it with CINZEL, which is an all-caps font. I think, the characters behind the password field are still of a distinct case and are only capitalized when they are displayed.


Did you manage to implement the solution that I sent you?

Sorry, Allan, I had forgotten about your suggested implementation.
Now (after several failures) I have managed to get it to work. The problem is (because I have no experience with scripting), that I don’t know what I am really doing. But now, it works and it seems to me a feasible solution, although I would rather prefer that SPARKLE would comply with the option “Automatic Capitalization” in the password field.

Thank you very much, Allan!

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Hi sturzi.

Have you considered to set the password as a “passPIN” number? There’s no upper/lower case for digits.
Unfortunately you can not make the password field in a form “digits only”.
But your members should remember that they have to enter a looooong number. You can write a tool tip near the pswd field.

Mr. F.

Thank you, Mr_Fozzie. This seems to be a good idea.

But why do they have to enter a loooong number? They have to enter the number which I set as passcode and nothing else
And what should the tool tip be for?

OK alright. I would use at least 6 digits for the PIN. Longer is better. That’s up to you.

“Please enter your PIN number.”

So, that suggests “no letters”.

Mr. F.

OK, I get it. Thanks! :+1:

Be careful because I recall that when I was still using Windows, the numeric keypad had the annoying habit of disabling itself regularly. But it’s been over 10 years since I last used Windows…

Windows … ? Wasn’t that a kind of operating system? I doubt that it is still being used :grinning: .

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