How to make sticky headers only showing on one device

Is there a way of having a sticky header on only one device size and not the others? I keep changing other device sizes to normal scrolling, but the PC size changes as well, and I’d like that one to stay as fixed to the top the screen. Thank you

I think you can do this by hiding the header on the “unwanted” devices.
Uncheck “show on this device” where you do not want to see it.
Maybe you have to activate all devices to be on the safe side and check them all.

Mr. F.

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Not quite what I want to do, I have a header that is great as a sticky header on larger devices such as PC, but I’d like it to scroll up normally on other sizes.

@Mr_Fozzie is correct the first step. The next step is to create the scrolling header on devices where you want it, then hiding it on devices you don’t.

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so… I make a copy of the header for the PC size and hide the fixed one and just use the sticky one, then hide the sticky one on the other sizes?

Yes. It’s not efficient but it’s how Sparkle works.