How to make website both http and https

I’ve just had the following message about my new website from someone trying to access it:

“You’ve enabled HTTPS-Only Mode for enhanced security, and a HTTPS version of is not available"

Is there a way to make a website accessible to people that’s both http and https?
I’m an absolute newbie at this and so clear instructions would be very helpful.

Many, many thanks

If you have cPanel access then that would be a sure way to make it happen.

Once in go to the Domains section and select Redirects. Once in you need to make this a permanent 301 redirect… Select your domain and have it redirect to “https://yourdomainname”. Chose Redirect with or without www, and select Wild Card Redirect and approve.

This will work within seconds of you approving the redirect. So if someone uses http or https they will automatically end up at your secure website address - “https://yourdomainname

Why would you need to make an http version of the site available? The site is https-only, and that’s just fine.

It was only a http site and needed to be https as people with the “https only” couldn’t access it.

Thanks for your help. It actually needed to be changed at the hosting end and not the Sparkle end. It wasn’t something that I had done wrong or needed to change. The hosting site has now done some magic and the website is now https.
Many thanks again.

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