How to move a blog to a new section?

I’m trying out the blog function and the mega menus, so I have to put these experimental pages in a new section without the main menu and header. I made the section, but the blog pages (index and article) won’t move to that section or any other place. They won’t move at all. All I can do is drag index higher or lower than the blog articles.

How can I move them to a new section?

You will see that I DID move blog posts from the Choose section to the Archived section.
Only by dragging. To below little red lines in the new section. Slowly, sometimes dragging below then inching up to be able to drop where I want.

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A blog lives in its own section, can’t be moved. What @jol refers to is moving the menu items, in the menu settings.

Ahhh, that explains it: in it’s own section! I couldn’t find that nugget in the documentation. Thanks!

And thanks very much for Sparkle 3. I’m so happy with it!