How to move a published site

Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished my website and want to publish it to the final location. I’m using the free version of Sparkle, and did not realise that once I’ve published it once that I won’t be able to publish it to another location. I published it to a test domain of mine just so that other people could go through it online to make sure that everything is ok.

Now that I want to publish the site to the final location it’s telling me that I can only publish to one location… Is there anything I can do to remove the original published files, or move them to the new location?

Please can someone assist?

Thank you

@lancerobrts, Sounds like a toughy! I’ve never used the free version so I don’t know but the only thing I can suggest is go to the “Settings” tab and then chose “Publishing”. From there (and I don’t know if you can or not) you can click on your site publish link and then delete it? If you can do this then you will be able to assign another publishing site.

If not you should have a chat with @duncan about this. You can also go to Duncan’s website and check through the documentation.

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Maybe download all your files from the testdomain and upload it to the new location with a FTP app (ex Cyberduck). Or redirecting to the current location. This are just ‘work-around’, so not that convenient

Hello @lancerobrts

I remember that this problem has been discussed here before, but I can’t find it anymore.

I will try again later, because right now I have to go and don’t have time …

If I remember correctly @duncan said that only they can reset it. But I’m not sure …

Anyway. I’m sure this can be fixed somehow.

Maybe you try @greenskin’s suggestion?

Thanks for the reply. I got hold of Duncan and he fixed it for me by reseting my publishing log.

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