How to Share Site with Client

Does anyone know of a way to share a site with a client before publishing? I could do screen shots of each page but then the navigation wouldn’t work.


Have a read here:

You can also upload to your Webserver with a subdomain from yours, that’s how I do it.

I hope that helps


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Agree with @MiWe.

Best practice is to set a ‘staging’ site away from public view, and limit access to only the client by password protecting the client’s staging folder. Easiest to use the hosting/management software to set a passphrase.

Using a staging site, rather than just ‘Preview’, allows the client to see full operation before release on the client’s domain. I suggest following such practice for major updates as well; but it depends on the complexity, of course. Is it a new version or x.1?


Thank you! I’ll look into creating a staging server.

I create a folder on my personal site. send the client a link, once the site is complete and no more edits I then remove the site’s folder from my site.
One I’m working on now

I was able to add a subdomain to my domain on GoDaddy and used that as the path to upload the test site. It was way too easy. (Probably similar to adding a folder to your existing account, like you did.) I searched online on how to do create a Staging Site and there were pages and pages of instructions and many lengthy videos, making it seem much more complicated than it is. It was also hard to find instructions for non-WordPress sites. So, contrary to most of the stuff out there, in the end it was a simple setup. Thank you all for your help!

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I never used staggering websites, you should be fine with only a subdomain and uploading your website and it. It’s easy and the client can view the result.

You can upload the pages on NOTION and share only to your customer.

W3schools is offering free space for this purpose.

Keep in mind that you’ve got a very limited amount of storage/request/data at
W3Schools Spaces

Storage    : 100 MB
Requests   : 500x
Data       : 75 MB