How to show the content of an external Site?

Hi all,
again I’m struggling with a problem and need your help.

I’ve built my own weather station and it sends every 10 minutes data to ThingSpeak ( Now I want to show this graph on my internet page, I’m building with Sparkle.

I’ve included a picture and mentioned the link above. The problem is, that the graph isn’t shown. The frame of the picture is empty. When I’m clicking to the picture the external page is opened correctly. But that is not what I want. I want no click and the external page shown immedeately (as a “normal” picture).

Below you can see, how I tried to manage it, but…

I hope to receive your support as quickly as last time.

Greetings from Germany!

@Olaf, you’ll find using and Embed widget will help you there.
Your code will need to be cleaned up a bit to play nicely as a html tag.

I think I have become a bit rusty when it comes to code, but I think placing your code snippet inbetween an <iframe>...</iframe> should work.

The “image from network” mode only works for actual images. The ThingSpeak page is a page rendered when loaded, not an image. You can add an embed element in Sparkle and paste the URL in and it will work:

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many thanks for your reply. Believe it or not, I just solved it by myself like this.