How to turn off warnings

A small thing but a little aggravating. I’m designing a 960 and 320 variant. Working initially with the 960 variant.
Is there a way to turn off the little yellow warning triangle from the 320 variant. I don’t want to go back and forth between variants. I design one variant at a time, but the program wants me to look at the 320 variant. I hope I’ve explained that warning triangle enough. Thanks all.


Uncheck the last one…

Mr. F.

Many thanks. Will that still work when both layouts are present? Prob I imagine. I usually uncheck synchronize as well. Thanks again.
Being new I like to turn off anything until I play a bit.

I’d say YES.
You should leave “Synchronize…” checked. That does not hurt and it makes your work easier when you decide to do the other layouts. You only have to adjust the font size.

Mr. F.