How to use Publishing:Site Settings

I’m trying to publish my website to the web and get to the Site Settings page, which looks like this:

I think this means Sparkle can’t find the file path to upload the files, but I don’t know how to use this window. When I click on the New folder button, it shows a folder in the File column, named New folder, but I’m not sure what folder this means. I tried giving the folder the file path name, but it didn’t accept the various forward slashes and also didn’t change the name at Publish to: from New folder.

Can anyone enlighten me, please?

Hello and WELCOME to the Sparkle Community.

1st: You need to log in your webspace administration and collect the data needed: FTP server name, User Name and Password.

2nd: Please read the documentation: Publishing and Exporting | Sparkle Documentation

3rd: fill in all the information that is required and test it.

4th: when you get stuck, come back, describe the problems in details (sometimes screenshots do help)

Good Luck.

Mr. F.

Hi Mr F,

Thanks, yes, I should have said: I’ve done all of that. The problem is there is nothing much in the online Sparkle documentation about this window – certainly not that is relevant to my issue. I provided a screenshot – see my original post.


Hi again.

What happens when you klick “NEXT” ?

Mr. F.

Well, it just gives an error message saying it didn’t connect.


Can you log into your webspace using the FileZilla App (it’s free and good)?

You will need to fill in the FTP details as well.

I can not look into your settings, so it’s guesswork for me.

Mr. F.

Hi @atunnacl, welcome!

While the window is a bit cryptic, it does in fact contain the question:

“Server folder location for”. That’s what this screen is asking you to provide.

You say that clicking “Next” gives an error message saying it didn’t connect, but I’m guessing the message is actually “The selected folder is not published to”.

What Sparkle is doing in this phase is attempting to ensure the server folder you pick corresponds to the web address you entered. This is useful to 1) have a functional website after publishing, 2) to ensure that all the times the web address is used by Sparkle it is in fact accurate (for example it’s used for search engines, for social media, for buy buttons, for password protected pages, etc).

If I go to I see a full website, whereas in the screenshot you provided, the server side view is completely empty. This suggests Sparkle got it right, and the folder is incorrect.

What most likely happened, something that is also highlighted in our documentation as one of the troubleshooting steps, is that the FTP account you are using on your web host does not have access to the top level of your website, it is pigeon-holed in a subfolder of the server tree where it has no way of publishing to the main website.

From the documentation:

if ‍the ‍FTP ‍user ‍can’t ‍access ‍the ‍folder ‍with ‍the ‍website ‍files, ‍because ‍it ‍has ‍a ‍restriction ‍to ‍access ‍a ‍folder ‍lower ‍in ‍the ‍filesystem ‍tree, ‍you ‍will ‍need ‍to ‍modify ‍or ‍recreate ‍the ‍FTP ‍account ‍on ‍the ‍web ‍host, ‍and ‍give ‍it ‍unrestricted ‍access ‍to ‍the ‍server ‍folder

I think this is the most likely answer to the problem, but please post your findings and let me know if you still can’t get the setup to work for you.

Many thanks for this, Duncan! I dug into what was happening at the server end a bit more and found an error with the setup there. So finally I got things working. The existing website was the old one I was trying to update. It now looks a lot better thanks to Sparkle.