How was blog created/setup in new Sparkle v2.8 site?

Hi Duncan,

Was curious to see how you went about setting up the Sparkle blog and its posts in the new Sparkle v2.8 site layout. Wanted to do something similar in a design layout I was working on in Sparkle 2.8.


Hi Charlie,

there’s nothing special about the pages, I update the index page manually when I add a new blog entry. Doesn’t happen very often so while it is a little bit of work, it’s not a problem.

If someone where to blog daily and want archives by date, that would be a lot more work.


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Why don’t you create an automatic blog that we can add that will allow users as well as us to post to?

We are working full time on Sparkle and that is on our list. It will come at some point.


Hi Duncan,

What about structuring a blog using Sparkle like this: ?

Joseph O’Laughlin

The point about blogging is not about how to structure the site. That would be fine. The point is supporting common blogging features such as RSS feeds, archive pages, tags, a quick workflow, etc.