How works: "element visibility: on all pages"?

I am trying to place a credits box at the end of each page on my site. In theory, by putting a flag on “element visibility: on all pages” the box with the text is repeated on every page.
But the problem is that each page has a different length and if I move the box in one new position of one page it will move to all pages.
What do I do wrong?!
Thank you

Schermata 2020-12-14 alle 17.24.47

You have to mark “follow footer” for this element. Not sure if it has to be a group.
I have a group: wide box, images and text. Works fine.

Mr. F.


Mhhh, it seems don’t work.
For a try, I have create two page with a graphic element that repeat in same 2 pages. This because I have set it like “element visibility one all page”.
Until here, no problems.
Now, in the first page I have set the element near to end of page.
In the second page the element seems “to fly” to center of page, but it should not works in this way.
In fact, if I fix its position to near of end, where it must be, the element in page 1 move same way.
I believe that something gone wrong…
What is the correct way to create an element that be its self in all pages but maintain his position in footer?

Ok, solve it! :smiley:
Schermata 2020-12-15 alle 15.25.08