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Is there anyone who creates a responsive HTML Email using Sparkle? I have tried it but failed to create a functioning HTML Email campaign. If you can create a HTML Email Template, you only paste it into the Gmail email to generate a nice HTML Email campaign. It’s easy to insert the HTML Email coding into the Gmail Email. Several YouTubes are available to that effect, such as How to Send HTML Email Newsletter Templates with Gmail - YouTube. I hope someone comes up with a functioning idea on HTML Email generating from Sparkle.
Alex Park

There are a bunch of html codes in a exported Sparkle project that you can’t use it to send via email. There are other tools that do this specifically and other stuff for emails like Mailchimp. It is free if you don’t have more than 2k contacts in your mailing list.


Creating email HTML has never been a goal for Sparkle. While similar HTML can work for both, in practice optimized email HTML and optimized web HTML have diverged significantly. Sparkle focuses on the web kind.

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HTML templates can be problematic because they are generally designed in a table format. Essentially, you would have a table of about 650px width that will contain rows and columns. Each cell of the table will typically contain elements of the overall email design which are pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. Below is an example of how such an email looks in a design interface:

Modern website design apps tend not to use tables for laying out websites so are generally unsuitable for this job. It also has to be remembered that graphic assets such as images would have to be accessible from your server as external content (they are not sent as part of the email itself). This, in itself, can cause additional issues as many email servers can block access to external content without the specific consent of the email recipients.

If HTML email is important to you, it’s best to use a third party service such as MailChimp or, get yourself a dedicated email design app such as Mail Designer 365. Email design apps are not cheap, but they do the job effortlessly.

The other option (which can be a little hit or miss), is to design a website template in Sparkle with a fixed width which contains a fairly simple layout. You could then upload the page to your server. Open the page in Safari browser and then use the “email this page option” in Safari. This will open the page in Apple mail and allow you to see what the page will look like. If all is well, send it to yourself and then check the received email in a number of email client apps. If you keep the design simple and don’t add anything that requires scripts etc, it often works fine, but like I say, it can be a little hit or miss, so requires experimentation.


Hi Jeonghee,

One trick i use to create some kinda gmail template is by just using google docs, and than just cut and past it into your gmail message.

It’s not ideal, but helpful (i hope)

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