HTML-Tag dimmed when iWeb-site import

hi sparkle friends,
I just firstly successfully imported an eight-page iWeb-site into SPARKLE, saved it: and cannot define HTML-Tags for any textbox on any page.
HTML-Tag stays dimmed when textblock or text selected – I searched intensively for reason/soloution… please, what I have to learn ?

Hi Micha

Go to the style tab and create a text style by clicking the +, then the dimmed part changes to “auto” and then you can change it to the HTML-tag you want. Read also here in the documentation the part Style:

Hope this works for you.

grafikvater, thank you
for soloution and the docs/ …understanding by doing.

The dimmed state is most likely because the text block you selected contains multiple styles.

Thank you Duncan
after iWeb-import first I selected complete text inside an imported textbox and custom-defined my typo-params (indeed w/o use of the first box of the Style panel)… but also then: HTML-Tag box remained dimmed.
After using Style panel (complete project-settings before) HTML-tagging became active, as teached and now I am learning to love the advantages of use of Style panel – btw: please what’s meaning/value? ‘p’ HTML-tag has ?

My first post here: finest sparkle-software, helpful community and great support.

P is paragraph, H is header.