I can't fix the widescreen version of my site


If you stretch it to the widescreen version the text goes behind the pink and goes way down on the page. It is fine if you don’t stretch it out. It is doing the same thing in the app and I CANNOT fix it. I am actually having a hard time getting things to stay put all together.

@hannahshousemedia, Can you let us know the “devices” (aka breakpoints) you have used?..

I pick each selection. (See attached) and I cannot adjust when I choose widescreen. I don’t know what breakpoints mean. I am VERY novice at this. I am techy with anything else except website building. The last picture is when I scroll down in my widescreen view.

Well, that might be my problem. I have no idea what that means.

Actually I think I just figured it out. I had the widescreen deselected.