I have Godaddy, Ugh, tried 2 days of BLUEHOST forget it

Can anybody recommend an English speaking ( I don’t speak anything else, my loss),
Webhosting company for basic Sparkle websites that Tech support and I can have a conversation, and doesn’t cost me out of business.

DON’T USE BLUEHOST, run screaming into the night.

Thank you

There are so so many out there @jfmusic

I use Crucial here in Australia. All my clients are also on it with their website I have built in Sparkle and from day one I have never ever had any issues with running Sparkle and Crucial. As a reseller I have a hotline and they deal with any issue that arise swiftly so I’m totally happy with the experience. They also have a hot line for customers.

Their datacenter runs on renewable energy plus they offset my usage (CO2 footprint) per month on request so for me it is peace of mind in what I offer my clients.

Thank you I’ll look into them.
IF I don’t go Resellar with them I’ll give you the sale.

I looked, I may have to bite the bullet, they are in the price mark I was hoping to avoid.

I am using Mochahost almost 6 years. I am very happy with it…

Feel your pain. I’ve migrated several from GoDaddy to https://blacksun.ca/
They do international. Rates are low in Canadian funds and support is very, very good.

Sorry to break this to you: all web hosts suck. It’s just a low margin business so the four axes are price, features, reliability, support but you can only pick 3.


I don’t doubt that, But if I can’t even get the company too , a take the money, b help me get set up with the right definition of what I am paying for. And C, help me understand their interface enough to setup FTP, they are useless.

BlueHost could not do any of the above. After hours of trying, Being hung up on, being disconnected in chat, had People that couldn’t communicate. And on one call was put on hold for 2 hours before it could connect to a person… I hung up.

I don’t know where in the world you are but I use TSO host, have done for many years and have always found them very reliable and helpful if I had a problem. They’re a UK based company. Tsohost.com.

I also use Blacksun. I’ve used them years. I highly recommend them.

Used Siteground for a while and was happy until renewal time. Cost of renewing was stupid, Siteground did not even consider reducing it. So, went for InMotion on a three year deal. I know the renewal fees after the initial offer will be high, so I’ll look around again then. Both these hosts had good support.

Otherwise I completely agree with Duncan, they all suck…

…in which case any chance of Sparkle doing hosting :grinning:? SparkleHost for Sparkle sites!

Sparkle(rs) stop going for cheap! Cheap means corners are cut on the technology side and the support side. If you want a good service pay for it otherwise you get what you pay for!

I pay a sound amount for my hosting and I have never ever had an issue with any of the Sparkle websites I host for my clients! I have paid for what I want and that is peace of mind!!! :slight_smile:

Please, I hope that Duncan & Daniele does not go into Sparkle hosting!!!
Virtually half their time that could be dedicated to Sparkle will be wasted on hosting and hosting issues and problems!

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If I where making any kind of return, I would be fine with paying more.

But my three sites are Presence only and see no real return.

Which means I’m just bleeding money.

Well, all hosting providers have something or another that isn’t great, but I’ve had good luck using Hostinger . IT’s reliable, and the price is decent for a shared hosting account.

I went through Go Daddy pains for years, tried a few others and last year finally made the switch to HostGator. Like Duncan said, there’s nothing perfect but so far I’ve had zero issues with HG. Never could I say that about GD or others.

@ [jfmusic] Sorry to read all your troubles. I know it’s not a primary english company and a subsidiary of Godaddy, but HostEurope placed in Cologne/Germany has a perfect service in my eyes of view. They’ve a 24/7/365 service online and/or chat that works perfectly. Very reasonable prices and if there’s an issue they even solve it for you if necessary. All services are also in english if desired. I’m a very satisfied client, now Sonne many years.

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Sorry forgot: https://www.hosteurope.de

I use https://www.kualo.com/
I use a slightly complicated thing called chamillo which i need for work. And although it has some sort of autoinstaller it is actually quite complicated to get working properly and needs knoweldge of PHP. I tried several hosts who couldn’t help me so i cancelled with them. but kualo set it up for me perfectly, and everytime i have a problem they fix it promptly. Their tech support is absolutely brilliant and very fast and they never charge me. Also they are really friendly and nice. I have several websites with them.

forgot to say, godaddy tried to set up chamillo for me and failed. They weren’t the only ones who couldn’t do it. Only kualo did it right.

I’m using MacHighway to host my new Sparkle made web site. I already had a pre-existing web site hosted by them for many years. When I was nearly finished building my new site I contacted MacHighway. Through live chat they explained to me how to upload a test web site into a folder that I could access online with a URL specific to that folder. Sparkle’s FTP connected perfectly and I uploaded my new test site without changing my existing site.

I was able to tweak the new site and view it online until I was satisfied with it. I got back in touch with MacHighway through chat. I explained that my new site was finished and I wanted to use it to replace my existing site. They might have tried to instruct me on how I could do that myself through my Cpanel. But being a novice I was nervous about taking that on.

But instead, the helpful chat person did the work for me. At his end, he took my new site and “made it root” as he said. So now, when typing in my domain URL, into a browser, my new Sparkle site is up and running. For me, that was really good service from MacHighway.

I believe that MacHighway only host sites made on Apple Macs.

I’ve used Bluehost for myself and several clients with no issues for about 3 years. What is the issue?