I need help please

hello everyone,

I am new in this community and totally lost when it comes to domain and codes, can someone please be kind enough to help me launch this website. I’m a single mother and with this website I’m trying to provide for my children and help other women please

Welcome onboard @Acha! :slight_smile:

So to get you launched you need a domain name and you need a hosting package.
The domain name points at your hosting package and your website sits on you hosting package. Do you have these? or do you need to purchase them?

With Sparkle you don’t have to play with any code.
You just need a FTP address and a username and password.

Where are you at with it all?..

Thank you @FlaminFig I bought a domain from namecheap and apparently the web hosting is with WordPress because it comes with a 1 website.

@Acha, just had a quick look…
I see they have hosting dedicated for WordPress which is no use to you if you are using Sparkle in creating your website. They offer Shared Hosting which gives you access to a cPanel and FTP which is what you need to launch your Sparkle site.

Maybe if you have purchased WordPress Hosing you can ask them if you can swap it for the standard Shared hosting to upload your own website…

On WordPress it says connect your domain ( keep your domain with your current provider and point it to WordPress.com)

or transfer your domain ( we don’t support transfers for emails ending with.us but you can connect it instead)

@Acha, ok I see…

You have signed up for “WordPress(dot)com” and they only do WordPress.
Have you purchased a domain name independently of “WordPress(dot)com”? If not then I would start over from scratch and ditch the “WordPress(dot)com” platform. You are only going to make yourself problems with it in the end.

If you have purchased a domain from Namecheap then you can also purchase a hosting space (which is seperate) using your purchased domain. Once that is done you can use the username and password given and place that in Sparkle to Publish your website.

think it will be a bit unproductive to help you this way, @Acha

You need a server hosting platform + a domain, those are things you buy separately or together in some hosting companies. You probably should get someone that you trust and understand it to do it for you, as we can help you only so much on this regard. Wordpress is another kind of technology which you cannot use Sparkle with (you either go Wordpress or Sparkle, for starting people)

After that we can help you with Sparkle getting exported to your server after it is configured.