I rebuilt my business' website


Would love to hear what you guys think.

Thank you.


Hi matt,
well done, I would use your service … but I do have my own Sparkle License :sunglasses:
But yes, you did you site wonderful, thank you for sharing

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Nicely done @matt :+1: :clap: :clap:
Even on mobile it is looking pretty smick!!!

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Thank you guys. Means a lot. @FlaminFig @Martin :pray::heart:

Looking great, @matt !

Think you forgot the favicon. But all’s amazing!

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I have to get that favicon habit on every website I work on. You’re right. But thank you for the review :slight_smile: @primo

The site is beautifully designed, but I would make the body text bigger. It’s too small for us older folks to read.

I like the Tidio chat thingy. Did you customize the design for that as well? it’s one of the nicest web chat ones I’ve seen.

Hi @habboud ,

Thank you and I appreciate the feedback! I will surely keep this in mind, so I may consider putting an option as a button for increasing/decreasing font size.

@habboud also, Tidio is a good one, it’s a lot more responsive and customizable than others. They let you have up to 50 conversations for free on a free tier (it resets every month I suppose), I need to double check. But yeah, I’d recommend it.

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