I would like two-factor authentication for my site

Hi folks!

It would be great if I could still offer my users two-factor authentication in the password-protected area.
What do others here think about it?

@frater.pacificis :dove:

That definitely requires a server side database, which is currently not something the password protected area requires, making it a very low tech solution (as in robust, simple to implement).

Once we outgrow this the two factor authentication is probably going to be something to look at, though it is complex stuff.

On the other hand I have many of my clients complaining how 2-factor-authentication is an absolute annoyance in running their online business.

The “system” is making us more and more dependable on our smartphones to open the “doors” of the internet which is becoming a them and us discrimination. There are a real lot of people who either don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to use one!

It is something I won’t be using if I can help it nor offering it to my clients!

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