Image filename with "@" in it causes upload problems

For a while uploading my website with lots of photos directly from Sparkle started to take a very long time or even stopped. I could not understand why. At last I found out what caused the problem. For a couple of photos only I used Pixelmator Pro to make them web ready. In Pixelmator “@.0.5” was added to the filename (but you can change that). Removing the “@” from the filenames solved my upload problems.
Maybe useful for more Sparkle lovers to know!

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What sort of upload problem? First time I hear this. Clearly something Sparkle should take care of, you should be able to name your file anything.

That’s not a Sparkle problem, when it comes to operation systems you cannot use any symbols as you like. Depends what OS your Webhoster is running that night cause problems or they disallow certain characters in file names.
Here is an article about what chararcters are not allowed in file names: Click here

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Anyway why bother with images for web when Sparkle is supposed to do that?

Upon further discussion with @BLB it seems the problem is not so clear cut, and an @ in the filename is not actually a problem. We’ll be digging deeper but right now I don’t see any evidence of this being an actual issue.