Image Gallery failing to work

Sparkle 3.0.1 on a iMac 3.0.1 Big Sur. My first attempt at trying to use Image Gallery isn’t meeting with any success. I’ve added an Image Gallery to a new Regular Page, added six photos to the Gallery, set Thumbnails where all the photos appear but the left/right arrows are not functioning - photos will not cycle through. Am I missing something?

@dhand, Could you please screenshot what you have on canvas and settings - this can help…

If by cycle through you mean “go to the next one”, these are two common issues:

  • they don’t work in canvas, only in preview and exported site
  • they probably do t work if you export to disk with the incorrect options (offline compatible when exporting)

If you mean the photos don’t go from last to first, that’s the wrap around option.

duncan - Thanks! Once I exported the site, gallery was functioning. Too bad it doesn’t work in canvas.

You can switch image using the thumbnail view, which is required to set a different label on each image.