Image gallery grid layout

Hi, is there any way to create a image gallery like this this within Sparkle?

Thank you!

Wow @andredupke that’s a seriously slow loading website, but I see the image grid!!!

You can achieve the image grid in the website example manually in Sparkle like I have done for a client - Auction Gallery

Here’s some image gallery inspo for you:

Note that with a bunch of images on a page you can’t turn those into a popup slideshow by default in the current version of Sparkle.

We have come up with a workaround for that but haven’t released it yet.


Can the images link to another page?

@jazzbird, yes images can link to another page, or an external page, by using the On Click event in the right hand column when you click on the image.

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Thank you! I think this might be a nice way to display my bookshelf where I promote Amazon books. Thank you so much @FlaminFig!!!

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