Image gallery iPhone/iPad two-finger zoom

I’m using image gallery for the first time. I noticed on a device iPhone/iPad I can’t two-finger zoom screen while touching the gallery. Is this a known issue or am I missing a setting somewhere?

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 9.45.17 AM

iOS 14.3

It works normally after you tap the photo to enlarge it

Still not working for me even after tapping on the photo.

However I can use two-finger zoom OUTSIDE of the photo gallery. But once I zoom in, I’m stuck on that photo.

The gallery detects the touch for the purpose of allowing photo swiping. That it does not allow for zoom is a limitation that we are aware of, and hope to manage to fix in the future.

Thanks for the repsonse Duncan.

  1. Gallery
  2. Tap to enlarge
  3. Zoom

Yes, that works! Thanks!


By putting several image galleries in popup windows would save a lot of space on a page. However when placing an image gallery inside a popup window the option for “zoom image in Lightbox” is grayed out. Is there any work-around for this?


Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.38.33 AM