Image gallery with "Add to Cart" option

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way to Ecwid Payment Button to an image gallery?

the idea is I want to add image gallery and each photo is for different product and I want the customer to be able to click on the button to add the product to the bag, so this means that the button need to rotate with the images too to reflect the product showing in the photo.

Any idea?

Hello :wave:t2:

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

If you are using Ecwid then the standard store integration might be what you are looking for (you will need to get the code from Ecwid and use the feature to put it in your site). Then Ecwid handles the gallery and buttons, etc.

And to add, the individual design option are quite limited although the shop itself works for sure, but your gallery would be on a Ecwid-page of course - integrated to your sparkle website, but with its (Ecwids) limitations.

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