Image Label in Gallery

I have a gallery with numerous photos which slide automatically. I tried to place a label on each photo as a very short explanatory description of each one.
When I place the text on one photo it places the same text on all other pics.
How can I have a different text on each photo?
I’m sure it is very simple and I will kick myself when I find out how it can be done.

I’m very new to sparkle but just love the results I am getting, using it to build my site.

Many thanks

@deneric, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

With the Image gallery selected and then the image selected you’ll notice that below you’ll see “Selected Image” and then tick “Show Label”. You will see a text box appear over that image that you can edit.

When you finish click onto the next image and do the same…

Thank you green skin.
I am doing as you say step by step, but when I tick the “Show Label” box, no text box appears. Is there some other setting I need to alter?

@deneric, From memory you need to have more than three or more images in the gallery. Also sometimes it is a bit hard to see the text box appearing if the image is “busy”.


The box appears in a very light grey and is tiny. I see it now and all is working great.

Thank you for all your help.
I just love this programme !