Image scrolls over top of sticky menu?

I used a layout block to create a sticky menu at the top of my page, and set it to the Front layer. I have a layout block in the page body containing a text block and an image block, and set it to Back.

When scrolling, the text scrolls behind the menu, but the image scrolls over the top of the menu:

Further down the page, I have two additional images that are not part of any layout blocks, and they scroll behind the menu:

Do I just need to remove the first image from the layout block? This seems to defeat the purpose of the layout block. Any advice would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.

Hi and a warm WELCOME to the community.

I used a layout block to create a sticky menu

What for? A layout block has its positive properties if you have several of them, want to enlarge/reduce or move/swap them.

A sticky menu does not move and should not move.

I would create the menu as a normal group, place it on the top level and make it sticky.

Make sure the layout blocks don’t move to the top layer unnoticed. They like to do that.

A live view of the page is always helpful. Feel free to ask more questions. We are here to help.

Mr. F.

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Thank you for the prompt response; I am only two days into Sparkle, and my learning curve is still pretty steep at this point. I used a layout block because on the Sparkle documentation page for Groups it says in the next-to-last paragraph that layout blocks are another way to create stick-to-the-top elements, and I saw that the Custom Scrolling options are identical for both layout blocks and groups.

That, and I have no idea how to create a menu as a group. Group it with what? When I use Insert Menu, the resulting inserted menu appears to be a single object. Selecting just the menu does not activate the Group option under the Arrange menu, and neither does ^-clicking. However, selecting the menu and some other random object within the page does activate Group options. How do I group a menu with itself?

You also mention that layout blocks “move to the top layer unnoticed.” Why? If I set a layout block to Back, why would it not stay there?

Thank you again for any insight you can provide, I appreciate your time.

OK. Maybe you read between the lines that I’m not a fan of layout blocks.

If you want to have only the menu as sticky header, so no logo and/or text to it, you have to put a box, best a wide box, behind it. This can have a color, or be transparent, depending on what you want to have. Then make a group out of the box and the menu and make it sticky.

If you create a new layout block, it will be on the top level. Unless that was changed with one of the last updates. Since I don’t use one, I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

What version of Sparkle do you have? Maybe you can post a screenshot where you can also see the layers where the layout blocks are located.

Maybe you only have to change one little thing to fix the problem.

Is the menu layer above everything else? Checking out the layer panel might be better than using the “front” and “back” controllers. Layout blocks usually goes upwards on the layers list when they are created

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That was exactly what I did after I posted my previous reply, but it seemed a little unwieldy to add an extra element (transparent box) that does nothing. I’m using Sparkle 4.5.3 on a Mac running Ventura 13.0.1, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

I think my best solution will be to use a layout block for the menu and remove the layout block that was giving me grief, because there was no real reason to use a layout block in that situation.

Your assistance has been so helpful, thank you for your time!

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That’s the solution. In retrospect, it’s so obvious—I don’t know why I did not make the connection between the order on the Layers panel and the layer depth on the page! That’s so easy to control. I appreciate your insight, thank you!