Image slider controls

Is there a way to change the left and right arrows to different arrows? Can we control the background color of the dots. Currently there is a default round button with arrow in middle. Would like to reference a different icon image if possible and also if possible control the background color or the dots to make them more visible. e.g. can I add some custom css into the developer section?

@dpong, This has been discussed a number of times and I think we will see something in the near future, but for now those things you are asking are not doable.

You can try CSS but you’ll have to do a lot of playing and won’t see the results on the canvas but in Preview…

Was hoping someone already went down this road. Hopefully we see something in an update ,would be nice. It should be doable if we have access to the css. I start digging around next.

You’ll need to embed the CSS on the canvas referring to the ID or Class of the element(s) you want to tweak because Sparkle’s engine creates CSS on the run when you Publish…

is there an easy way to get a look at the library of the classes or dictionary to look at? This would cut the time down, otherwise I have to reverse engineer. That also explains why the publish is the entire site as opposed to allowing us to update a single page.

No, no library to look at. You’ll have to use your Browser’s Development and reverse engineer.
I have learnt to live with the Image Gallery as it is for now and just being a bit more creative with it.

ok, thanks for the info. I’ll look at it developer mode in chrome, like the other platforms.