Image to 'full page width' grayed out

Ive got an image that Id like to make full page width in 960px - but in the screen shot ‘full page width’ is greyed out. No problem with a wide box on top with navigation. Same goes for the 320 px.
Must be missing something in the documentation. Suggestions? Thanks kindly.

All you need to do is drag the image container to the full width of your site page. If it isn’t filling the width, you will probably have to change the placement of the image to “Fill” as shown below:

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Hello @Woodrow

An image can not be “Full page width”, that’s why it is greyed out.
Only boxes can be “Full page width”.

But you can convert any image in Sparkle into a box very easily.

Right-click on the image and then from the context menu you choose: Convert to Box.

And this new box you can make “Full width”.

Hope it works. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


@Shadowfax and @francbrowne. Thanks gentlemen. Those are great tips. I’ll have to put these in a Tip Section. I never thought of converting that image to a box.

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I’ve run into the same issue more than once. It made me wonder if perhaps the JPG was not big enough, or high enough resolution, to allow it to expand to full width.
Just a thought.
But I learned something today from our trusty member, Shadowfax, about “convert to a box”. Will have to remember that one!


It shouldn’t really matter if you use a box or an image placeholder. If you place an image and size the image to full width of the page, and then use the “fill” option instead of “fit”, then the image will fill the image placeholder. If we’re talking here about a wide box that fills the browser width with an image, as opposed to the page width, that must be placed in a box. but, if you want a page width image, even If you use a small image it won’t prevent it from enlarging if you use the “fill” option - it just won’t look very sharp if the image used is too small. I think the confusion lies in the term “Full Page Width” in the sparkle interface. It would perhaps make things less confusing by changing it to read Browser Width.


Yes. Ran into this again. To make the picture ‘full browser width’ must convert to a box, then I can make full browser width.
Conversely if I add wide box, can I drop an image into the wide box?


@Woodrow, All the things you can do with the element on the canvas can be viewed in the right-hand panel after you click on the element.

So with your widebox you can do a number of things plus add an image to it…